Reflection of Spiritual Reformation

Quranic guidance and Spiritual Reminders

As salaamu alaikum
Dear Pan-African Family 
As we walk through this very trying time of callous rulers, a historic pandemic and a new period in continued struggle for our rights and freedoms, I am reflecting on a Quranic reminder. 

Huzur (may Allah strengthen him) highlighted in his Jalsa Salana address yesterday the importance of continuing the work of spiritual reformation. In this time this work of self and communal reformation are mission critical. 

Although there is great disruption in the world this context presents futile ground to preach and spread the message of Allah. We should seize the opportunity.

A verse from the Holy Quran that has surfaced for me in these days is Al Baqara 103. In it Allah reminds us that rebellious people create secret plots and groups to disrupt the world. Yet this is not new. The verse outlines that such plots were used against the Prophet King Solomon (pbuh). Against the tyrant Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon and now against the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)and his people. This verse makes it clear that no secret plots succeeded against Solomon (pbuh) and none will succeed against the Holy Prophet (pnuh). “these people are learning that which would harm them and do them no good”.  The Promised Messiah himself received a revelation that “Freemasons will not have power over you,” We must be assured that regardless of what is unfolding in our society is we stay close to the rope of Allah (3:104) and that Allah is the friend of those who believe (2:258). We should walk and spread this message with vigor and vitality knowing that Islam Ahmadiyya has changed our lives. And by Allah’s grace and mercy is destined to change the life of others among our people. 

As salaamu alaikum
Travel in the security of Allah (Fee Aman Allah)