Update on our Activities

A sample of our work from 2022 to 2023

The Pan African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association USA (PAAMA) is a faith and community-based organization that aims to promote the well-being and spiritual growth of African-American, African, Caribbean and African Diasporic Muslims living in the United States. The organization offers various programs and initiatives to support its members, including bereavement support, leadership meetings, family days, and a scholarship program. This report provides an overview of these programs and their impact on the PAAMA community.

Bereavement Support

Losing a loved one can be a traumatic and challenging experience, and PAAMA recognizes the importance of providing support to its members during this difficult time. The organization offers bereavement support services to its members, including counseling, spiritual guidance, and practical assistance. PAAMA members who have experienced a loss can reach out to the organization for support and guidance.

This year we lost a number of pioneering elder members. We have also tragically lost dear ones who are young fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, youth and young children. May Allah strengthen our families and elevate our dear passed ones to the highest levels of Jannat -paradise.

Leadership Meetings

PAAMA also holds regular leadership meetings to empower its members and develop their leadership skills. These meetings provide an opportunity for members to learn from each other, share ideas, and discuss strategies for improving their communities. PAAMA leaders also receive training and support from the organization to enhance their leadership abilities. Many of these meetings over the last twenty-four months have been virtually over zoom. However in August of 2022 we were able to convene a small leadership meeting in Sharon Massachusetts. The home of the Boston Jamaat, this meeting allowed for much needed communication and visioning. 

Family Days

PAAMA organizes annual family day events to bring its members and their families together in a spirit of community and celebration. The events include fun activities for children and adults, spiritual discussions, and a shared meal. Family day provides an opportunity for PAAMA members to strengthen their bonds and build relationships with each other. We typically host these gatherings at the USA national Jalsa Salana as well as the West Coast Jalsa. 

  • In 2022 the national Jalsa coincided with the historic first Juneteenth Federal Holiday. PAAMA USA was pleased to host a Juneteenth family gathering at the Jalsa Salana.
  • In 2023 our first family gathering was planned and spearheaded by Habeeb Shafeek and Sister Cassandra Shafeek at their residence in Lackland Florida. This was a very blessed event with members traveling from all over the US to join them 

Scholarship Program

PAAMA also operates a scholarship program in collaboration with the national Talim (Education) department. These scholarships support PAAMA USA members in their pursuit of higher education. The program awards scholarships to eligible students who demonstrate academic excellence and a commitment to community service. The scholarship program helps to remove financial barriers and supports PAAMA members in achieving their educational goals.

In 2022 there were seventeen PAAMA scholars. These scholars ranged from many disciplines and academic levels. PAAMA USA is very humbled to support the African-American and African scholars of our community. 

Rishta Nata - Marriage Affairs

The Pan African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association USA recognizes the importance of marriage in the lives of its members and aims to support them in finding compatible partners.

PAAMA does offer guidance and advice to members who are seeking a spouse. The organization encourages members to approach the process of finding a partner with Iman, patience and wisdom, emphasizing the importance of our faith, compatibility, shared values, and mutual respect in a successful marriage.

In addition, PAAMA organizes events and programs that provide opportunities for members to meet and interact with each other in a safe and respectful environment. Following our successful cross-cultural marriage forum in 2021, we were able to elevate Rishta Nata to a global PAAMA discussion. In 2022 we co-created and implemented a Global PAAMA marriage forum with our companion organization PAAMA UK. We continue to work towards building a platform to facilitate successful Islamic marriages.

Women's Programming

All of the programs described above has had engagement and support from both sisters and brothers in PAAMA USA. However sisters have an additional series of dedicated programs that we continually implement. Such programs are highlighted in the activities tabs throughout our pages.

Enduring Impact

The programs offered by PAAMA have had a significant impact on the organization's members and the wider African Muslim community in the United States. Bereavement support services have provided much-needed comfort and guidance to those experiencing loss, while leadership meetings have empowered members to take an active role in improving their communities. Family day events have brought members and their families together, creating a sense of unity and belonging, and the scholarship program has supported members in their pursuit of education and career opportunities. 

(PAAMA USA's budget calendar extends from July to June. Our activity cycle follows this calendar)