Members of the first PAAMA USA National Executive body
Some members of the first PAAMA USA National Executive body 2018

PAAMA USA is led by a National President, three Vice Presidents and a National Executive, as well as Regional Presidents and their Executives. The National Head of Lajna and her three Deputies are under the leadership of the National President.

PAAMA is privileged to be under the direct supervision and guidance of the Supreme Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V atba, who takes a keen interest in its affairs.


The following org chart details the structure of PAAMA USA. Individual officers are listed below.

Organizational Chart for PAAMA USA


The current members of the national executive are listed below. Please contact them using their paama.us email addresses.




Email Address

President Basiyr Rodney president@paama.us
Vice President 1 Abubakarr Bin Saeed v.president1@paama.us
Vice President 2

Secretary New Ahmadis

Ali Murtaza v.president2@paama.us
Vice President 3

Secretary Tabligh

Habeeb Shafeek v.president3@paama.us
General Secretary Abdul Latif Bennett g.secretary@paama.us
Finance Secretary Ibrahim Kyei finance@paama.us
Talim Secretary Ibrahim Guye talim@paama.us
Tarbiyat Secretary Lamin Sanyang tarbiyat@paama.us
Ishaat Secretary Abdul Hai Thomas publications@paama.us
External Affairs Secretary Najeem Dayisi TBA
Internal Affairs Secretary Abdul Lateef Oresanya internal@paama.us
Sanat-oTijarat Ishmael Hashim industry@paama.us
Tajneed Secretary Abdur Rahman Andoh tajneed@paama.us
Atfal Secretary Aboubacarr Drammeh atfal@paama.us
Youth & Sports Secretary Khallim Salam Griffin sports@paama.us
Rishta Naata Secretary Kamalludin Mulli rishta@paama.us
Khidmat-e-Khalq Secretary Daud Ahmad service@paama.us
Amoor-e-Tuluba Ibrahim Guye students@paama.us


OFFICE NAME Email Address
Regional President North East 1 Sarjo Trawally president.ne1@paama.us
Regional President North East 2 Abdul Majid Yanful president.ne2@paama.us
Regional President East Alhaj Abdul-Kudus Yahaya president.east@paama.us
Regional President South East Zafar Suraleigh
Najim Diyasi
Regional President Central 1 Abdul Muhaiymin Al Haleem president.central1@paama.us
Regional President Central 2 Rafeeq Friend president.central2@paama.us
Regional President Midwest Hassien Babatu president.mw@paama.us
Regional President South Abdur Rauph Ogunbyi president.south@paama.us
Regional President North West Umar Kintu president.nw@paama.us
Regional President South West Ibrahim Naeem president.sw@paama.us



PAAMA Ladies President

Aliya Amatul-Latif Wahab PAAMA Lajna President head.lajna@paama.us


Suriyya Latif Vice President I vp1.women@paama.us
Bushra Latif Vice President II vp2.women@paama.us
Ganiyat Bennett Vice President III vp3.women@paama.us
Regina Rohlsen General Secretary gs.women@paama.us
Faizah Latif Finance Secretary finance.women@paama.us
Amatul Rashid Jude Outreach Secretary outreach.women@paama.us
Nicole Anjum Education Secretary education.women@paama.us
Rasheedah Kamal Moral Training Secretary tarbiyyat.women@paama.us
Danneil Taylor Publications Secretary publications.women@paama.us
Annisa Walid Internal Affairs Secretary internal.women@paama.us
Hajia Ayesha Hakeem External Affairs Secretary external.women@paama.us
Suriyya Latif Census Secretary census.women@paama.us
Sakeena Jawad Youth (Girls) Secretary girls@paama.us
Imani Bah Sports Secretary sports.women@paama.us
Bushra Latif Matrimonial Affairs Secretary rishta.women@paama.us
Hajia Rafiqah Williams New Members Secretary new.women@paama.us
Hameedah Carr Service to Humanity Secretary service.women@paama.us
Tamara Rodney Media & Tech tech.women@paama.us

Regional Presidents Ladies

Dr. Anesia Elsea Regional President North East head.ne@paama.us
Dr. Zainab Boone-Kukoyi Regional President East head.east@paama.us
Shamira Gill Card Regional President West head.west@paama.us
Aliyya Rashid Regional President Midwest head.mw@paama.us
Haseenah Ahmad Regional President Central head.central@paama.us
Hajia AmatulMuid Anderson Regional President South East head.se@paama.us
Sharifa Agoro Regional President South head.south@paama.us