PAAMA Membership Across the US

The Pan African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association recently completed a successful census and membership drive, and the results have been remarkable. The has been able to account for members across the United States. This Tajneed exercise was updated as of 2019. We continue to manage the updates even now. 

The data collected during the exercise will help the association to plan and implement programs and initiatives that are tailored to the needs of its members. It is worthy of note that the Midwest regions maintain the most concentrated number of members. 

PAAMA USA members across the USA
PAAMA USA membership across the USA














The chapter breakdown shows that chapters in the Midwest tend to have a higher concentration of our membership.

PAAMA USA members by chapters
PAAMA USA members by chapters



To update your information please contact or  With the recent update we have accounted for over 1000 members of PAAMA across the country. 

We are grateful for the support of the national Tajneed department in obtaining the initial database. We encourage all PAAMA USA members to submit their tajneed updates to the USA jamaat Tajneed portal. You can locate this resource online at the jamaat website or email